BE AMAZING by Tina Black

BE AMAZING by Tina Black

$ 18.95


BE AMAZING is a must read for anyone who desires to embark on a path to reach their biggest dreams and make an explosive impact in this world.  Everyone knows that creating lasting success is not easy—it requires long hours, hard work and commitment—however, it can be very rewarding and surprisingly simple by following the seven strategies presented in this book.

You will learn how to set fear aside and BE AMAZING as Tina walks you step-by-step toward a life of fulfillment and financial reward! So, what are you waiting for? Your future depends on it!

Author Tina Black has spent a lifetime becoming the respected leader and mentor she is today. She has founded three prestigious Paul Mitchell Schools, and is a Certified John Maxwell Coach. Her inspiring message is in constant demand at the nation’s top salons, schools and corporations.  

With a mission to inspire others to change their world, Tina has helped educate and empower over 25,000 leaders in a diversity of sectors. Her passion is to develop and inspire the millennial generation for the workforce. With her relentless devotion to helping others recognize their true potential, Tina will continue to mentor and motivate everyone she meets.

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